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Ambassador Raul Mälk


Born:                May 14, 1952 in Pärnu, Estonia

1975             Graduate, Faculty of Economics, Tartu State University

1975-77        Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academy of Sciences of Estonia
1977-90               Senior Editor, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Editor-in-Chief, Estonian Radio
1990-92               Counsellor, Office of the Chairman of the Supreme Council
1992-93               Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1993-94               Chef de Cabinet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1994-96              Deputy Under-Secretary (Political Affairs, Press and Information), Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1996-2001         Ambassador of Estonia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
1996-2003    Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland
1998-99               Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia
2000-2003    Ambassador of Estonia to the Republic of Portugal
2001-2007    Director General, Policy Planning Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2003- 04, 2005- 06 acting Deputy Permanent Under-Secretary (EU Affairs), Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2007-            Permanent Representative of Estonia to the EU
 Professional highlights:
1992-2005 Head of the Estonian delegation for border negotiations with Russia
1994- Special Representative of Estonian Foreign Minister for negotiations with Russia over withdrawal of the Russian troops and decommissioning of the Paldiski nuclear object
1995-96 Head of the Estonian delegation for negotiations with Latvia over the maritime boundaries
1996 Head of the Estonian delegation for negotiations with Finland over maritime boundaries
2003-04 participated in preparation of the EU draft Constitutional Treaty as acting Deputy Permanent Under-Secretary
2005-06 participated in the preparation of new Financial perspective as acting deputy permanent Under-Secretary
2002-04 Head of the working group which prepared draft National Security Concept (2004), later adopted by the Government and Parliament
2002- responsible for energy security problems in MFA
2002-04 Prime Ministers Special representative on the reform of the Baltic co-operation
2006- participated in negotiations over new nuclear power station project in Lithuania
 Board memberships:
2003- Member of the Board of Estonian monthly “Diplomaatia”
2005-07 Cairman of the Board of International Centre for Defence Studies (Estonia)
1990 – Estonian Journalist Union Award for direct radio programs from major events of the “Singing revolution”
2005- Estonian Order of the White Star III class
Also orders of Portugal, Latvia, Malta and Poland
 Civil status
Long time partnership, she resides and works in Tallinn
 Free time activities:
Often visiting concerts and theatre perfomances. Reading. Walking. Watching football.